Why Danelle Natural

Made with the finest ingredients

All Danelle Natural are made with the finest ingredients available on the market. The choice of ingredients largely determines the effectiveness of the product and we only select the very best from reputable suppliers from Australia, United States, and United Kingdom. We believe a good product must starts from using the best ingredients. It may cost a little more but the value it delivers will be worth it.

All Natural

All Danelle Natural products are made from 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain any synthetic components or materials. In addition, our production processes are also fully natural. No chemical or other processing agents are used. When we say All Natural, it means just that. No tricks.


All Danelle Natural products have a minimum of 96% certified organic ingredients, some contain 98%. We source ingredients from reputable suppliers and our ingredients are certified by internationally recognized organizations, including USDA Certified Organic (by US Department of Agriculture), Soil Association Certified Organic (of United Kingdom), and ACO Certified Organic (by Australian Certified Organic Organization).

Certified organic ingredients ensure our products are free of fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics, chemical additives, genetically modified organisms, irradiation, and biosolids. Our lip balms and lip scrubs are safe to use on your lips where a small portion is expected to be ingested due to the lips’ proximity to the mouth.

Organic products are also friendlier to the earth. Fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals used in the growing process of non-organic plants are known to be a major source of pollution to our planet.


All Danelle Natural products are hand-made in small batches with traditional methods. Natural and organic products are generally best when they are fresh and we only made batches that meet a very short runway of days. This way, you’ll enjoy fresh products at its peak effectiveness. Flavors or colors are infused into base oils through cold oil infusion to ensure even volatile oils in plants are retained in the product. Oils used are all cold pressed and unrefined. Danelle Natural products customers will always benefits from the most of what our ingredients in our products can offer.

Non-toxic & Chemical free

All our lip products contain no paraffin, petrolatum, hydrogenated oil, chemical additives, artificial flavors, dyes or fragrance.

It is of vital importance that our products are non-toxic and chemical free throughout the growing and manufacturing processes of both ingredients and the final products. Our selection of suppliers, raw materials, ingredients, and the way we produce our products all aim at making sure you always get the best and safest products available on the market! We are very proud of our products knowing that every one of them going to our customers are non-toxic and contains no undesirable chemicals that will harm and accumulate in the bodies of our customers. Health is not something that can be compromised in our designing and producing a product. And our planet certainly doesn’t deserve to have another product laden with toxics or chemicals. No! Enough is enough.


Danelle Natural products bring out and enhance your natural beauty through nourishment. Our Rose Lip Treatment is particular effective in bringing out the natural redness of your lip. Many of us have used lip products laden with harmful substances and chemicals in the past that resulted in dry and pale lips – requiring ever more lip products to hide the problem. We don’t do that. We nourish the lips with ingredients that are healthy and beneficial to the lips. Healthy and restored lips will naturally look red and healthy – not by otherwise covering your lips with pigments!


Using the natural properties of the oils in our lip products to hydrate and moisturize the lips is the best way to keep your lips from dehydration. It allows your lips to breathe normally while keeping water in and allows the natural moisturizing function of your lips to work.